Trip to Maine

image courtesy of flickr

I was lucky enough to recently spend a week in one of my favorite states, Maine.  It was a trip featuring some foul and some fabulous weather, some gorgeous scenery, and, of course, some excellent food.  The culinary highlights included:

  • Fresh lobster – of course – from a tiny shack on the coast, steamed and served with little adornment in a homemade lobster roll
  • Fried haddock sandwich from Becky’s 24 Hour Diner in Portland
  • The “best” burger in Maine (as featured on the Food Network) at the cozy Owl’s Head General Store.  It was undeniably good, and required about 10 napkins.
  • Whoopie pies! (the official Maine state treat) from Cranberry Isle Grocery in Portland.  I tried pumpkin-orange, pumpkin-maple, and original
  • Amazing blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries picked straight off the bushes (thanks to a generous friend of my parents for letting us roam his farm fields).
  • Excellent homemade ice cream (salted caramel and vanilla) from the Stone Fox Farm Creamery truck in Augusta
  • Fabuluous, giant “Sicilian Slab” pizza from Micucci Grocery in Portland.  Truly awesome.

I wish we had had time for more.  But that just means I’ll have to go back!