Savannah Bee Company – Honey

Last spring we went to Savannah for vacation.  One of the highlights was visiting the retail outlet of the Savannah Bee Company.  A honey store!  I tried the tupelo, sourwood, acacia, orange blossom, winter white, and some blends like their “grilling honey”.  They were all terrific, but three stood out for me.  The sourwood was outstanding – a good all-purpose variety.  The winter white, whipped to a marshmallow-fluff like consistency, was perfect for a peanut butter/honey sandwich.  But it was the acacia honey that really stole my heart.  Impeccably light and delicate, it was downright divine.  I purchased small jars of each.  Unfortunately the acacia honey seems to have vanished from their website, but you can still find it online elsewhere.  What’s your favorite honey?