The Apothecary’s Kitchen

I am excited to announce the launch of The Apothecary’s Kitchen, a new business I’ve started for selling my handcrafted peppermint bark.

The business name is inspired by the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary in Alexandria, VA, which my ancestors operated from 1792 until 1933, making it the oldest apothecary in the US (it’s now a museum).  Apothecaries were the chemists of their day, and the store sold all kinds of remedies, elixirs, and sundries.  In my day job I’m a chemist too, but I’m no pharmacist, so I thought: what makes everyone feel better?  Chocolate!  My peppermint bark is made with premium dark and white chocolates and organic candy canes.  It’s delicious and it makes for a great gift.

I’ll be at Kindred in Raleigh later today (Dec. 1) giving out samples and taking pre-orders for the holiday season!

Logo, packaging, and website coming soon!

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