Best Pizza in the Triangle?

I obviously still have a lot of places to try (see below), but here are my thoughts on some of the places I have been to.  What are your favorites?  What other places do I need to try?

1.        Bella Mia

2.       Pizzeria Toro

3.       Salvio’s

4.        Lilly’s

5.        Klausie’s

6.        Bocci

7.        Brixx

8.        Fuhgeddaboutit

9.        Maximillian’s Pizza Kitchen

10.        Moonlight Pizza

11.        Pop’s Backdoor South

12.        Cinelli’s

13.        Z Pizza

Still to try: Al Dente, Pie Pushers, Randy’s, Pizza Italia, Schiano’s, Vivace, Marilyn’s, Piola, Rosati’s, IP3, Capital Creations, Paparazzi

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